A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Will be available in 1 year.

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Corruption has seeped its way into the heart of Talpa and the Guardians who once
protected it. Now, it is up to you, to restore balance to the dying order.

Play as Blu, a young Guardian, in her quest to reclaim Talpa from the hands of the Corrupted.

Conquer hand-crafted levels in this side-scrolling adventure. You’ll need to rely on your reflexes and quick wit to solve platforming puzzles and outmaneuver your enemies.

A fast-paced metroidvania packed with skill-based combat and legendary loot, set in
a creatively designed fantasy world.

Learn and utilize an extensive set of attacks and dodges that caters to YOUR style of play. Your enemies will also exhibit moves that warrant attention - study their timing and strike decisively.

Navigate dungeons, watching for fatal traps and ambushes from the Corrupted. Carve your own path through Talpa. Explore vibrant areas like the Seaweed Forest, the Bay of the Forgotten, or the Plains of Memory.

Wield a mighty blade, watch head rolls with the swing of an axe, sunder your enemies with a heavy hammer and abuse weak spots through swift movements of your daggers.

Keep your distance and fire barrages of arrows and daggers imbued with elemental energies of frigid cold, swelltering fire, cutting winds and unmoving earth. The choice is yours.

Ready your fists with gauntlets of power capable of boosting your natural capabilities in and outside combat. Become sturdier, hit harder, move faster, and deflect attacks.

Level up your skills and find helpful items that are scattered along the way to help you. However, you must also be more than what you wield, as skill and determination will be your closest allies in this war.

Cleanse the Guardian stones and bolster yourself with their arcane powers. These magical stones will allow you to cast different elemental spells which harness the powers of ice, fire, earth and wind.

In the wake of corruption, your enemies are varied and vast. From common orks and golbins, to menacing trolls and haunting golems, each enemy will pose a new and unique challenge of their own. Dont let your guard down!

The once lush and flourishing world of Talpa has now fallen into the hands of the
Corrupted. Environments that were once vibrant and full of life, are now infected by
the evil that plagues the land and all of its inhabitants. 

For centuries, Guardians have been chosen by the Order to preserve peace in the kingdom of Talpa. In order to help him in his duty, each chosen one is entrusted with a legendary stone, which he must wisely use to maintain the balance of forces.

But the day a council member corrupts the sacred stones, he breaks a seal from ancient times that unleash diabolical energy, which now spreads over the lands of Talpa.

This dark energy awakened the Corrupted, vile embodiment of elemental stones, which took over the guardians, who now seek to reanimate Wohlra, and uphold a dystopian future in which he reigns supreme.

With all of the guardians under the influence of Wohlra's will, the fate of Talpa rests on the shoulder of the only uncorrupted warrior.

Blu, a young guardian without stone, found herself untainted by the evil takeover of Valor, making her the last hope to restore the balance of Talpa.

With her unmatched ninja skills, abilities, and reflexes, she is all the world has. And when all she knows is at stake, failure is not an option. 


Will be available in 1 year.
Blu Private Demo 328 MB

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